(Greek for "nobody")

A voice-activated digital finance assistant. (50).gif
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Power of Ai

Nemo handles the low-level financial data-related tasks to free-up managers to focus on strategy.

How Nemo assists today:

  • Delivers automated reports

  • Monitors budget vs. actual

  • Alerts on potential cost overruns

  • Helps visualize data

  • Helps access the financial dictionary

  • Performs financial analysis


Nemo pulls, cleans, analyzes, monitors, and presents financial information for critical business decisions, which users can request with speech.


Nemo understands the English language, performs financial analysis, writes database queries, and presents on a dashboard. Moreover, its intelligence improves with user feedback.


Nemo has many built-in features such as data governance, bug tracker, and inspection. We'll also supervise every assistant's performance until accuracy reaches 99.9%

How is Nemo different from BI tools?


Nemo is not a dashboard.

It's a digital assistant that uses a dashboard as its clipboard to present reports, charts, and analyses. (11).gif
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Performance analysis

Nemo monitors progress against strategic financial plans and presents results in an easy-to-consume visualization. If a potential overrun is detected, Nemo will flash the scorecard and send an email to get the manager's attention.

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Reports can be requested with speech. No data, dashboard, spreadsheet, or technical skills are needed.

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Data exploration

In addition to running automated reports, Nemo helps create new reports, tables, and charts in seconds.

Using speech, Nemo makes it easy to explore data (filter, add, remove, group, or sort columns).

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Financial dictionary

Nemo can be used to access the financial dictionary and Investopedia easily.

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Ad-hoc analysis

Nemo can answer hundreds of pre-programmed financial questions in seconds and is also intelligent enough to figure out answers to brand-new questions.

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Machine learning

User feedback improves accuracy. For example, “that’s wrong” and “that’s correct” will fine-tune the algorithms.

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Visual scorecard

Analysis is visualized using scorecards which condense the most information into one screen without overwhelming the reader. 

The visualization makes it easy for anyone to understand their financial position.

Used to communicate:

  • Budget

  • P&L

  • Balance Sheet

  • Accounting Ratios