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CEO Dashboard

A simple, fast, private, automated, voice-controlled system empowers CEOs with financial information.

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Monitor financial performance

Monitoring financial performance is essential for CEOs to understand how the company is performing and ensure that it is meeting the expectations of banks and investors. P&L and Balance Sheet are two of the critical financial statements that provide a clear report card of the company's performance. By analyzing these statements, CEOs can identify trends, pinpoint areas for improvement, and make informed decisions to drive growth. It's crucial for CEOs to stay on top of the financial performance to maintain the trust of stakeholders and secure the future of the organization.

We'll help by automating financial analysis and simplifying the presentation to help you keep an eye on your financial performance.

Get forward-looking information

Unlike historical financial data, which reflects past performance, forward-looking financial information provides insights into potential risks and opportunities. This empowers CEOs to make informed strategic decisions and take proactive measures in response to market changes and emerging challenges

Nemo leverages advanced algorithms to quickly analyze vast amounts of data, ensuring accuracy and reliability. By presenting CEOs with actionable insights based on data, Nemo empowers CEOs to make well-informed decisions under pressure.


Visualize financial performance

Our flagship visual scorecard condenses maximum financial information (26+ numbers) into one screen to help CEOs visualize financial performance.

Provides visuals to analyze:

  • P&L

  • Balance sheet

  • Cash

  • Accounting ratios

  • and more

Get quick answers

Have you ever had to wait hours or days to get the financial information needed to make a decision? 


We can change that, Nemo will deliver automated reports and analyses to you in seconds so you can make quick decisions and get back to serving clients.

You place orders, and Nemo serves the information. No dashboard, spreadsheet, data, or finance experience is required—only speech or text.

You can have your financial analysis very fast in one command. Nemo AI features self-service reporting just by your speech.
You can have your financial analysis very fast in one command. Nemo AI features self-service reporting just by your speech.

Free-up your accountants

According to a study, almost all accountants (99%) suffer from burnout, harboring feelings of exhaustion, inefficiency, and alienation from their jobs. In addition to their many time-sensitive workloads, they're also responsible for serving managers with accurate reports that are boring, tedious, and monotonous.

Automation is the key to helping your accountants offload traditionally manual, time-consuming work to focus on critical tasks and achieve better work-life balance.

You can save up to 60% on labor costs. 

Get served

Imagine having a system that could instantly analyze massive amounts of data to help you make the best decisions for your business. Meet Nemo, a cutting-edge solution designed to revolutionize the way you approach analytics and decision-making.

With Nemo you'll experience:
Streamlined data analysis: Bid farewell to manual processing and embrace instant insights tailored to your business objectives.
Bias mitigation: Make confident choices by relying on objective data analysis and avoiding cognitive biases.
Continuous improvement: Foster growth and innovation within your organization by leveraging data-driven insights and adapting to market changes with ease.

Invest in an automated solution today and unlock the full potential of your leadership. Embrace the future of decision-making and drive sustainable growth for your business.

Your AI assistant is ready to help with its finance automation capabilities. Nemo digital assistant can help you finish task with no hassles.
Your data is safe with us. Nemo AI digital assistant has team of experts that ensures your data is safe and secured.

Secure your data & privacy

Data stays private on your premises, and your IT security experts will completely control security; they set the rules and control access like any other computer. Furthermore, Nemo establishes connections using a unique handshake and transfers data in small chunks. Our proprietary language also prevents injection attacks, and the internet isn't needed.

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