Finance Assistant

A voice activated digital assistant ready to execute commands and serve users with real-time financial information

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Let a Digital Assistant Take Your Business to Higher Grounds

A digital assistant will deliver timely information to stakeholders and free up finance teams to focus on other business critical tasks.


What a digital assistant will do for you:

  • Deliver updated reports to managers in seconds.

  • Help managers track budget performance.

  • Reduce staff utilization.

  • Provide a single source of truth.

Report Automation

No more waiting for reports or making decisions on outdated information. Get updated reports delivered in seconds

Budget Tracking

No more reviewing budgets after the fact. Automation provides a proactive approach to cost control. Managers will get notified before going over budget

Artificial Intelligence

An algorithm-based intelligence that understands natural language, performs financial analysis, writes database queries, and presents on a dashboard

Full Customer
Service Experience

We deliver ready-made digital assistants, guarantee accurate reports, and provide on-going monitoring and support

Voice Activated Reporting

Getting updated reports served is as easy as saying what you need. No data, dashboard, excel, or finance experience needed.

Get any report in less than 15 seconds


Here is sales report in USD
nemo report.png
Nemo, show sales report
nemo dashboard.png
Here is amount by category pie chart

Data Exploration

Nemo, visualize category as pie chart

In addition to running automated reports, Nemo can also help users create new reports, tables, and charts in seconds.


Nemo makes it easy to explore data (filter, add, remove, group, or sort columns) using speech.


Budget and Financial Oversight

With connection to live data, Nemo can help managers monitor actual vs. plan (budget, forecast, LY, etc.) in real-time.


If a potential overrun is detected, Nemo will flash the scorecard and send an email to get the user's attention.


Nemo can also monitor cash, debt, and accounting ratios


Nemo, show my budget
nemo notification.png
Here is the updated year-to-date budget
nemo scorecard.png

Visual Financial Analysis

Nemo communicates analysis using scorecards which 

condense the most information into one screen without overwhelming users. 

Our goal is to simplify information for non-finance managers 

Used to communicate:

  • P&L

  • Balance Sheet

  • Sales

  • Expenses

  • Cash

  • AR

  • AP

  • Accounting ratios

Ad-hoc Analysis

With connection to live data, Nemo can monitor actual vs. plan (budget, forecast, LY, etc.) in real-time.


If a potential overrun is detected, the scorecard will start flashing and an email will be sent to get the user's attention.


Nemo can also monitor cash, debt, and accounting ratios


Nemo, how much did we spend on travel?
fifty thousand sixty two dollars
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nemo dictionary.png

Financial Knowledge Bank

Nemo, define asset

Users can use Nemo to easily access financial dictionary and Investopedia.

Asset is ...

Machine Learning

Unlike all other digital assistants on the market, including Alexa and Google, every user gets a dedicated assistant that adapts to the user and not the other way around. Users will be able to use words and lingo they're comfortable with. E.g., if a particular user requests sales report by saying “show me the money”, that user’s assistant will adapt to understand it. 

This solution will enable Nemo to understand users with accents.

Nemo learns through feedback. “That’s wrong” and “that’s correct” will fine-tune the algorithms to improve accuracy.


Nemo, that's wrong
nemo commands.png
Ok, thanks for the feedback. Did you mean ...

Unmatched Skills

Unlike other providers, we believe software robotics is a specialized domain and digital robots should be delivered to customers ready-made like cars. Imagine car companies sending customers parts and instructions to assemble their own cars. 



Past Automations

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Are you ready to harness the power of your data?

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