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We'll do the heavy lifting and deliver automated analytics and a ready-made assistant.



Nemo integrates with most major ERPs using proven integration methods and software applications. This direct-from-source data allows for real-time reporting. 

Nemo offers the number 1 AI assisted financial analysis services that integrates to almost all ERPs. Manage your financial planning with ease using Nemo.

Report automation
We convert manual Excel steps to managed custom scripts

  • Document needs and expectations

  • Review current reports to identify challenges and opportunities

  • Document data and sources

  • Document business calculations and variables

  • Document manual step-by-step processes

  • Identity repetitive steps that could be automated

  • Connect to data sources

  • Automate manual step-by-step processes using proprietary software

  • Program security model in data warehouse

  • Test automation for bugs and stability

  • Test report for accuracy

  • Go-live

  • Provide ongoing report testing and support


Digital assistant
We create automated analytics and reports

  • Document needs and expectations

  • Review list of reports to be automated

  • Create a list of frequently asked questions

  • Create access matrix

  • Create data pipelines and warehouses

  • Setup computer or server

  • Create data glossary

  • Automate reports

  • Start speech training

  • Test report accuracy

  • Test speech accuracy

  • Test analysis accuracy

  • Test speed performance

  • Go-live

  • Provide ongoing accuracy testing and support

Nemo is a voice-activated digital assistant that performs state-of-the-art financial analyses and provides reports in just few seconds.

Report request options

Methods to retrieve automated reports:

  • Select a report from the platform dropdown list.

  • Send an email to the server's email address.

  • Speak your thoughts

Report display options

Methods to view reports:

  • Excel spreadsheet

  • On-screen


Accuracy & Support

Every business is different, so we take our time to train Nemo to understand your data to guarantee accurate information, and we also provide ongoing support.

  • Nemo has built-in inspection and governance

  • Nemo must pass rigorous testing before go-live

  • We perform extensive tests daily for three months

  • We perform weekly tests after three months

The Nemo digital assistant provides high accuracy in delivering reports as the system as its own built-in inspection and governance and more.
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