Transform your business with the power of accurate real-time financial information.

Control your money

Nemo will help you see where your money is going, so you can control it.


Deter fraud & embezzlement

Your close attention to money will reduce opportunities for fraud.


Assistance on-the-go

See your money and get answers anywhere in the world via PC, email, or mobile app (coming soon).

Get notified everywhere with Nemo AI assistant. Make your financial planning easy and hassle-free and achieve your business goals.

Quicker decisions = fewer meetings

Easily query data in meetings to support decision-making. 

Nemo AI digital assistant provides premium financial analysis services to help clients save more time and earn more profits.
Get the top AI assisted cost control app, Nemo, and improve your business performance. Nemo offers state-of-the-art capabilities such as automated reports, tables, charts, and more.

Financial forecasting (coming soon)

See the potential impacts of your strategies and plans on your finances.


Empower managers

Ensure all managers in your organization make financial decisions like CFOs.


Save money

You'll need fewer technical staff to support an Ai solution.

Save money with Nemo AI assistant. Nemo will save you from having more technical staff while providing accurate AI-assisted financial analysis.

Sleep better

Offload some of the information in your head; Nemo also has a good memory.

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