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Transform your business with the power of data.

Control costs

See where your money is going, so you can control it.


Empower your team

Your team will get the information they need to succeed.

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Assistance on-the-go

See your targets and get answers anywhere in the world via PC, email, or mobile app (coming soon).

Get notified everywhere with Nemo AI assistant. Make your financial planning easy and hassle-free and achieve your business goals.


Nemo will keep an eye on finance so you can focus on what you do best.


Scenario analysis (coming soon)

See the potential impacts of strategies and plans on your organization's finances.


Privacy & accuracy guarantee

Nemo will only share information in private that's been tested, approved, and guaranteed by us.


Save money

Why pay that much to tally numbers when computers are faster and more efficient?


Sleep better

You'll get a notification if something needs your attention.

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