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Our Mission

To assist managers with financial information to make decisions like CFOs.

Meet the Nemo founder, Yemi Orogbemi. He and his team of experts have years of experience and has the highest skills in artificial intelligence and finance.

Yemi Orogbemi

Founder & CEO

Seventeen years of finance experience: senior accountant, financial planner, financial analyst, finance manager, sales controller, Python expert, and data scientist.


Like other entrepreneurs, I have faith in chasing my dream, which requires me to invest everything I have and raise money from my family. And with the hectic life of an entrepreneur, I don't have enough time to pay attention to the funds entrusted to me. An important task that is not an employee's responsibility.

Nemo is my solution to owning financial responsibility, a solution I'm offering to help other entrepreneurs take control of their finances.

We're training Nemo to monitor financial health, review transactions, track cash, run reports, and alert managers when something needs attention.


Why artificial intelligence?​

Like a 2-year-old in a toy store, money, the lifeblood of organizations, tends to scatter around when you take your attention off it. Money is not a static thing; it is an energy that requires constant motion and strong control.

Ai for finance is like purchasing one of those GPS devices for kids. It wouldn’t stop a 2-year-old from wandering off, but it would notify the caretaker when they’re doing so. Furthermore, the solution would allow the caretaker to work on other priorities knowing the GPS will send an alert when attention is needed. 


With its many repetitive and standardized tasks, financial analysis is ideally suited for Ai. The platform interacts with systems and applications involved in the process and mimics manual financial analysis 24/7. An alert will be sent if a potential cost overrun or risk is detected.​

Like a GPS, Nemo watches the map so you can focus on the road ahead.


Past automations

P&L and Balance Sheet

Manual: 2 days


Cash Flow Report and Forecast

Manual: 3 days


Sales Flash

Manual: 14hrs


Open position Report

Manual: 24hrs

Quarterly GP Report

Manual: 15hrs

Quarterly Commission Report

Manual: 3 weeks

Purchase Order Report  

Manual: 20hrs 

TV and Radio Advertising Reports

Manual: 5 days

Marketing Financial Report

Manual: 3 days

Construction Costs Reports

Manual: 5 days

Procurement Tracking Reports

Manual: 4 days

Procurement Pick Ticket

Manual: 3 days


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