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Digital Financial Assistant

Ai empowers organizations with financial knowledge and protects against fraud. (50).gif
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Fraud is on the rise.

As the world heads toward an uncertain future with unprecedented levels of global debt and an impending recession, many people wouldn't be able to resist temptation.

Fraud and embezzlement will become a much bigger problem.

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Who is providing security?

Fraud evidence is somewhere in an ocean of data, of which auditors can only analyze less than 5%.

Not enough data is analyzed to deter fraud.

More protection is needed.

Fraud destroys lives:

  • Loss of trust.

  • Loss of wealth.

  • Loss of reputation.

Most victims never recover. (10).gif (24).gif (29).gif

A digital assistant can assist.

It's like having a home security system for your money.

Surveillance is the best fraud deterrent.

Want more protection?

A digital assistant can be trained to review 100% of financial transactions, which would remove the opportunity for fraud.

According to The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (“ACFE”), Just increasing the perception of fraud detection can be an effective prevention method.


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Stay informed.

Nemo will analyze financial data and give managers the information needed to make decisions.

  • See where your money is going.

  • Get risk notifications.

  • Get automated reports in seconds.

  • Explore data with speech.

Get information directly from the source. (11).gif

Want to sleep better knowing your finances are secure?

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