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Financial Planner

We provide Ai-assisted strategic financial planning services to help clients keep more profit. (72).gif

Strategic financial planning

Strategic financial planning is an essential tool that helps paint the financial picture of business strategy. It enables management to see the strategy's financial impacts and to adjust plans to find the right path.


We'll work with your team to develop monthly, quarterly, and annual financial plans based on strategy. We'll then use Ai to assist in monitoring and communicating progress throughout the year.


We're financial planning experts

Founded by a seventeen-year financial planner with data science and financial report automation experience for companies including Macy's, Coach, Christie's, Pace Gallery, and Hauser & Wirth. We create strategic plans, leverage data for accurate forecasts, and present easy-to-understand information. 

It takes domain expertise to train Ai.

We harness the power of Ai

We developed a proprietary database language and created the first digital finance assistant, enabling us to automate all the low-level work to focus on strategy.

Automated tasks:

  • Reporting

  • Financial plan monitoring

  • Financial analysis

digital robot.png

Save money on labor cost

Our Ai assistant takes care of data-related work, enabling us to do more with less.

Save up to 60% on labor costs and receive superior services. 

Our promise

We'll provide better financial planning, analysis, forecasting, and reporting services than any remote full-time employee. We have proprietary Ai to handle data-related tasks, which saves days of labor costs we'll pass on to you.


Our relationship will not differ from remote employees; we'll communicate via Zoom, email, and phone.


Secure your data

Your IT security experts will completely control data security; they set the rules and control access. See us as a remote worker with a company laptop.

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