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Financial Analysis

A simple, fast, private automated server empowers managers with near real-time financial information.


Free up your accountants

According to a study, almost all accountants (99%) suffer from burnout, harboring feelings of exhaustion, inefficiency, and alienation from their jobs. They work in understaffed departments because CFOs have to lead by example. In addition to their many time-sensitive workloads, they're also responsible for serving managers with accurate reports which are boring, tedious, and monotonous.

Automation is the key to helping accountants offload traditionally manual, time-consuming work to focus on critical tasks and achieve better work-life balance.

Improve productivity – automation will process reports to free up accountants

Automate critical reports

Have you ever created a VBA script or recorded a macro in Excel?

Report automation is a similar process of creating scripts to mimic manual step-by-step actions for individual reports and having a platform automatically run those scripts upon user requests. 

We document the spreadsheet step-by-step process needed to create critical reports and re-create each step in our report server. 

We then program the platform to manage and run those scripts upon user requests.

Critical reports can be served within 15 seconds.


Created for managers

Managers don't have the time to click around fancy self-service tools to perform the tedious tasks of creating reports and visualizations; information must be served. Nemo delivers reports and analyses to you in seconds so you can quickly get back to serving clients.

You place orders, and Nemo serves the information. No dashboard, spreadsheet, data, or finance experience is required—only speech or text.

Automated report server

Nemo is a digital report server created to help managers run automated reports and analyze financial data.

Nemo understands English, runs database queries, performs analyses, and creates dashboard visualizations.

Current skills:

  • Runs automated reports

  • Performs financial analysis

  • Draws tables and charts

  • Performs ad-hoc analysis

  • Helps explore data (50).gif

Visual financial analysis

Managers juggle multiple priorities and often need information delivered quickly and efficiently. Nemo provides high-level summary reports and uses visualization to paint pictures.

Our flagship visual scorecard condenses maximum financial information (15+ numbers) into one screen to help Nemo communicate financial health without overwhelming managers.

No more spreadsheets.

Provides visuals to analyze:

  • Budget

  • Sales

  • Expenses

  • P&L

  • Balance sheet

  • Cash

  • Accounting ratios

  • and more

We speak finance

Financial reporting is complex, and a 0.1% variance is unacceptable. A solid understanding of debits, credits, journal entries, reversals, sub-ledger, prepaid, P&L, balance sheet, and more is required to create a reliable data model to provide accurate, automated analyses. 

Nemo was founded by a finance expert with seventeen years of data science and report automation experience for Macy's, Coach, Christie's, Pace Gallery, and Hauser & Wirth.

It takes domain expertise to automate financial analysis.

Nemo was created by finance expert with years of experience in programming and he understands every finance officer needs, a quick and hassle-free digital assistant that can provide al financial analysis in just one command.
Nemo is the leading digital assistant powered by artificial intelligence. I features automation skills in providing financial analysis, charts, and reports.

We know data

The natural state of data is chaos. We use simple models, data warehouses, and automated data governance to create order to support accurate reports and analysis.


We have a proprietary scalable and easy-to-maintain data language with built-in data governance, which is the foundation of our automated warehouses, servers, reports, analysis, and Nemo.

Only skilled data scientists can create a data language.

Secure your data & privacy

Data stays private on your premises, and your IT security experts will completely control security; they set the rules and control access like any other computer. Furthermore, Nemo establishes connections using a unique handshake and transfers data in small chunks. Our proprietary language also prevents injection attacks, and the internet isn't needed.

Your data is safe with us. Nemo AI digital assistant has team of experts that ensures your data is safe and secured.
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