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We specialize in report automation.

How we help

Automated Report Server

We fully automate your reports and provide a self-service application to run the automated scripts.


Automated reports

Broken reports repair

Data governance

Self-service application

Report accuracy support

Artificial Intelligence

We train Ai on your data and deliver a ready-made digital assistant to run your automated scripts and perform additional reporting duties.


Report server

Budget monitoring

Ad-hoc analysis

Report modification with speech

New report creation with speech

Financial planning

Planning requires parsing through financial reports to determine how to allocate money. Forecasting requires creating financial models that account for trends within the business and in the broader industry and economy that may affect revenue and profit. A smaller business may forecast 4-8 months out, while a larger enterprise could look 1-3 years into the future. Planning and forecasting are not just an annual or quarterly event—more businesses have shifted to continual planning and rolling forecasts, regularly evaluating the latest numbers to make adjustments.


Report accuracy

We understand the importance of accuracy in financial reporting; a 0.01% variance is unacceptable.

That's why we created a proprietary data language with many built-in features to monitor and track down variances. We guarantee accuracy and will only release reports that pass our rigorous tests.


  • Automated data governance

  • Bug tracker

  • Inspection

  • Easy-to-read code



A voice-activated digital assistant gives users an easier way to get reports and more real-time information.


  • Runs automated reports

  • Performs financial analysis

  • Sends budget notifications

  • Helps create new reports

  • Helps visualize data (32).gif (29).gif


Nemo integrates with most major ERPs using proven integration methods and software applications. This direct-from-source data allows for real-time reporting. 


Reports in 15 seconds

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